Security Analyst SOC

Type: Full time

Job Location:   Manassas, VA

The Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst, Junior is responsible to learn how to monitor, evaluate, and maintain systems and procedures to safeguard internal information systems, network, databases, and Web-based security. The Junior SOC Analyst works closely with SOC Analysts to conduct vulnerability assessments and monitor systems, network, databases and Web for potential system breaches; responds to alerts from information security tools, reports, investigates and resolves security incidents; educates and communicates security requirements and procedures to all users and new employees; prevents unauthorized access; ensures compliance with regulations and privacy laws and may oversee internal or external systems security (i.e. cloud services) and conducts other routine tasks as directed. The Junior SOC Analyst is an entry level role that is closely supervised with minimal latitude for independent judgment.

Major Responsibilities & Weights

80%: Responds to incidents caused by internal end-users, as well as those reported by support contractors. Conducts incident triage, performs host scans work with end-users to mitigate vulnerabilities, and gathers/documents/reports incident details. Learns how to initiate appropriate Host Scan, validate an IP address, identify customer POC, create a Remedy Incident, enact a Recall List, open a Triage line, document incidents, communicate incidents, and gather incident details.  

10%: Learns how to process Malware analytics including investigating basic level malware events such as DoS and DDoS attacks.

5%: Learns how to work in Forensic Support by working with remote contractor sites on collecting host resource details, logs, and reimaging of workstations.

5%: Through Security Tool Management learns how to monitor and report security tool health depredation or outages.

Essential Qualifications

·       HS Graduate or GED

·       Type of Credentials/Licenses

         o  Security related certification from the ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 list is required within 90 days of employment, if not actively held upon hiring.

·       Related Work Experience

         o   0-2 years

·       Work Experience / Skills / Abilities Required: General IT knowledge in one or more of the following areas

         o   Cloud Environments

         o   Networking

         o   Operating Systems (Solaris, RHEL, and/or Windows)

         o   Databases

         o   Application Development

         o   Project Management

Scope of Position

·       Individual Contributor

         o   This position is an individual contributor and has no supervisory responsibilities. Provides functional expertise through day-to-day work tasks. Works under the supervision of management.