Job Overview

This position supports the US Coast Guard Surface Forces Logistics Center, Engineering Branch, responsible for the management of Logistics Support documentation for all USCG cutters and boats.


  • Assist in the development of TCTO’s/EC’s and logistics management activities at the SFLC  in Baltimore MD
  • Receive process and track field generated Engineering Change Requests/Proposal ECR’s or Phase 1 form on USCG computer system
  • Maintain SFLC Projects case files for ECR’s and Phase 1 forms
  • Plan and attend EC/TCTO Development Team meetings as directed by the Government
  • Write submit and track progress of SFLC Central Activities and Yard Project Orders as directed by the Government
  • Create provisioning case files, Prototype Evaluation Plans (PEPs), TCTO as directed
  • Develop and manage POA&M as directed by the Government
  • Gather data from Cutters, other Product Line Branches, CG Yard, SFLC Engineering Services Division and other CG units for the development of GFE requirements for various platforms
  • Review inventory levels of equipment for assigned platforms and develop/maintain demand forecasting documentation as directed by the Government
  • Post GFE requirements to the assigned platform’s website
  • Develop and maintain ILSPs for assigned platforms
  • Coordinate ILS Management Teams participate in CG meetings as required by the Government and provide a written summation of the meetings or conferences

Requirements (education/experience/certifications)

  • Must possess a minimum of 10 years’ experience with all the development of Field Changes, Engineering Changes and TCTO’s
  • Must have technical experience in operation, repair, and support of Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical (HM&E) or electronic equipment
  • Must be knowledgeable of Casualty Reports (CASREPs) and Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSPs). Must be proficient in the use of NESSS, FLS and CGMS as they apply to TCTO’s/EC’s
  • Must have knowledge of the CG SFLC Supply support procedures and provisioning process
  • Must be knowledgeable of Equipment/System Integrated Logistics Support Plans (EILSPs) and Equipment Support Sheets (ESSs)
  • Must have excellent writing skills
  • Must be proficient in the use of Coast Guard Standard Workstation III and proficient in independent research using the World-wide web
  • Must have experience in Microsoft products including Power Point, Word, Access and Excel

Preferences: (education/experience/certifications):

  • Bachelor’s degree and 10 years of experience supporting USCG HM&E or electronic systems